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Story board

A story board is a low fidelity hand drawn comic strip.

When to use story boards:
When everyone involved in your team hasn’t got:
1. A solid shared understanding of the issues at hand.
2. A shared sense of urgency for the same solution to be implemented.

Here are the steps I follow to make Story boards…

Make sure the story board is centred around one main character, he/she should be based on one Persona’s behaviours.

Follow the plot
Persona’s problem > Persona reaching their goal using Designer’s solution > Persona lives happily ever after.

Very important for mobile app design. Adding context into story boards in the ways of: why, when, who and where will often lead to designers learning more about solving the issue at hand.

Show mental reasoning
Your character’s internal train of thought, how they are influenced by what others around them are saying.

Show emotion
Communicate the main character’s emotional state throughout the story board with emoticons.

Show moments
Moments are touch points or events in an experience where one of the following occurs:
1. Behaviour triggers.
2. Decisions are made.
3. Actions are taken.
4. Changes in emotional state.
5. Behaviour reinforcement.

Imitate real life
Make your character and their scenario, behaviours and plot as real as you can.
Doing this will help your audience empathise with your character and take your story board seriously.